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RFID Cattle And Cow Tags

Cattle ear tags are identification devices used in the livestock industry to keep track of individual animals. We are one of the professional RFID cattle tags suppliers and provide durable custom cattle ear tags.

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To meet our customers’ specific needs, we offer custom ear tags for animals. Here are the options that can be customized.

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RFID cattle tags Features

RFID tags for cattle are durable and customizable identification markers affixed to the ears of cattle. They play a crucial role in modern livestock management, providing a reliable and efficient tracking of individual animals throughout their lifecycle.


The ear tags for cattle use high-quality, weather-resistant materials. This ensures longevity and readability in various environmental conditions.


The custom ear tags for cattle are available in different colors. We provide personalized cattle ear tags solutions according to your different tagging needs.


The ear tags for cattle are designed for easy visibility and legibility, even from a distance. This allows farmers and ranchers to identify and monitor their cattle with ease.


The best cattle ear tags are resistant to wear and tear, including exposure to sunlight, rain, etc.


The ear tags for cattle can ensure traceability along the livestock supply chain. This aids disease control, feeding management, and overall herd health.


The best ear tags for cattle are suitable for various cattle types. They can be used in combination with electronic systems for automated data recording and analysis. These include monitoring health, managing breeding programs, etc.

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How to choose the best cattle ear tags?

RFID Cattle ear tag is an important tool for efficient herd management, health tracking, and breeding programs in cattle ranching. There are a variety of ear tags on the market. The below guide will help you choose the correct cattle ear tags.

1. Understand your needs

Before delving into these options, it’s necessary to understand your cattle ear tag needs. Are you looking for basic identification, or do you need tags that RFID scanners can read to keep more detailed records? We can support the cattle ear tag for basic identification and another with RFID technology.

2. Cattle ear tags material

Cattle ear tags are usually made of plastic or metal. Plastic tags are lightweight, available in a variety of colors. But metal tags are heavier and less visible from a distance.

3. Cattle ear tags size

The size of the tag can impact the read distance. The larger one is easier to read from a distance.

4. RFID Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ear tags are becoming increasingly popular. They allow for easy electronic identification and data collection. It can record the cattle’s information for a long time.

5. Ear Tags Color and Customization

Color coding is a valuable way to classify cattle according to age, sex, breed, and health. We can supply custom printing on the tags, such as ranch logo and barcodes.

6. Ear tag’s durability

The durability of the ear tag is critical. It should resist weathering, UV rays, and the harsh life of cattle.

Services we can provide

Customization for your requirement

At JIA Tech cattle ear tag manufacturer, we can customize the tag size, RFID antenna, and tag color as per clients' requirements.
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Quick Response Team

Let our expertise and experience provide you with the best animal ear tags. We provide on-time responses, helping you save time and win the business.
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Free Sample support

JIA Tech cattle ear tag manufacturer provides free ear tag samples for you to test.
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FAQs About cattle ear tags

The cattle have ear tags on their ears used for identification and health management, traceability, and breeding records in herd management.
We can design your custom cattle ear tags by size, color, printing logo, barcode, and other unique information.
To apply a cattle ear tag, restrain the animal securely, clean the ears, place the tag in the applicator, align it with the ear, and squeeze the applicator to insert the tag.
To number cattle ear tags, assign each tag with a unique number before use, often using a numbering system that is consistent with your record-keeping or herd management strategy.
We offer removal tools or pliers to cut the pins or snap the tag out to remove the bull ear tags.
Cattle ear tags are used for identification, breeding records, and tracking health, ensure traceability for food safety, and promote efficient herd management.
Yes, we support free samples for animal ear tags.
The MOQ for animal ear tags is 500pcs.