JIA TECH is a premier manufacturer of RFID Ear tags, known for its innovative approach and quality. Backed by a professional technical team, the company guarantees top-tier products, while its outstanding sales team ensures bespoke solutions for every customer. JIA TECH stands out in providing end-to-end services, from consultation to after-sales, making it a trusted partner for all RFID Ear tag requirements.

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Animal Ear Tag Manufacturing Process

1. Design and Planning
RFID animal ear tags are based on the requirements of the clients and the specifics of animal identification, the size, shape, and functionality of the tag are determined.

2. Procuring Materials
We use high-quality durable plastics or silicone material. These materials provide the tag with durability and adaptability to withstand environmental conditions.

3. RFID Chip Integration
This chip is integrated into the tags, with the type of chip – low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF), or ultra-high frequency (UHF) – selected based on application requirements.

4. Manufacturing and Printing
The casing for the tag is assembled, and the RFID chip is placed using precision equipment. Information like text, logo, and personalized details are imprinted using advanced printing methods.

5. Encoding and Customization
The tag is then encoded, storing unique data such as identification numbers, owner details, or health records. The tags are further customized with brand logos or designs as per customer requirements.

6. Quality Assurance
Quality control steps are undertaken to confirm that the RFID animal ear tags meet quality standards. Tests for read range, durability, and waterproof performance are conducted.

7. Packaging for Protection
The RFID animal ear tags are encapsulated and packed to protect the RFID chips and the printed information. Appropriate packaging methods ensure the tags arrive safely during transportation.

8. Delivery and Post-sales Support
Finally, the completed RFID animal ear tags are delivered, and after-sales service is provided to address customer inquiries and offer technical support.

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After-Sales Support

1. Detailed Product Information

JIA TECH provides each product with detailed descriptions and information to ensure the customer understand exactly how to use and care for the products they purchased.

2. Real-Time Online Support 

Real-time online support at JIA TECH ensures immediate response and assistance for customer inquiries. Leveraging the latest technology, our dedicated team provides swift, personalized support for product queries, technical issues, or concerns, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and efficient problem resolution.

3. Technical Support

At JIA TECH, our technical experts assisted customers in dealing with any technical issues that may arise. No matter it’s an installation issue, usage question, or a technical glitch, we are here to help.

4. Customer Feedback

We actively seek and value your feedback. Your comments help us continually improve our products and services, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed your expectations.