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Livestock Ear Tags

Welcome to our livestock ear tags, which provide highly reliable and advanced marking solutions for the livestock industry. We are one of the best livestock ear tags manufacturers in China. We focus on innovation in design and manufacturing to meet the needs of different animals and livestock environments.

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We are one of the professional livestock ear tags manufacturers. To meet our customers’ specific needs, we offer custom livestock ear tags.

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Features That Make Our Livestock Ear Tags Unique

When you choose our ear tags for livestock, you choose a signage solution that is reliable, efficient and technologically advanced. Below are the main features of our livestock ear tags for sale.

Durable Materials

Our livestock ear tags use high-quality materials that are weather-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and stain-resistant. This ensures they maintain excellent performance in a variety of climate conditions.

Advanced Marking Technology

Our ear tags for livestock use advanced RFID identification technology for accurate and efficient animal identification. This helps farmers efficiently manage livestock groups, track individual health, and more.

Humanized Design

Livestock ear tags are designed with animal comfort and safety in mind. Our products are made from smooth, non-toxic materials. The aim is to ensure there is no discomfort to the animal and that it is not likely to cause allergies or irritation.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Livestock ear tags are simple in design and easy to install. This dramatically improves the work efficiency of livestock farmers. Accessories such as livestock ear tag removers make maintenance and replacement easy, reducing downtime.

Diverse Choices

We offer livestock ear tags in various sizes and shapes to suit different types and sizes of livestock operations.

Customizable Options

To meet our customers' specific needs, we offer custom livestock ear tags. These include colors, logo graphics, and personalized label information.

Livestock Ear Tags applications

Livestock ear tags are widely used in animal tracking and identification management. It is an essential tool in modern animal husbandry and has multiple functions to help manage and identify livestock.

livestock identification management

Livestock Identification Management

Each livestock ear tag provides a unique ID number for each animal, which is crucial for record keeping. This will include the animal's breed, age, and health information.

livestock data collection and management

Livestock Data Collection and Management

Each livestock ear tag is equipped with RFID chips for automatic data collection. This technology enables fast and accurate data recording, simplifying the management.

livestock health management

Livestock Health Management

RFID livestock ear tags can be used to track an animal's health history, vaccinations, and treatments. This is very important for disease control and ensuring animals meet the latest health requirements.

Livestock Ear Tags accessories

Livestock ear tags are used to identify and manage the farming industry. Various accessories enhance their functionality and effectiveness.
Here are some common livestock ear tag accessories.

Livestock Ear Tag Applicator

The livestock ear tag applicator is a unique tool used to apply RFID tags to animal ears, which is designed to be easy to use and efficient. This tool is essential for livestock management in tracking and identifying animals.

Animal Ear Tag Pliers

Animal ear tag pliers are also called livestock ear tag applicators. It is a tool to help place the RFID tags of animals for tracking and management purposes. Use this tool to help farmers and ranchers manage and track their animals easier.

Cattle Ear Tagger

A cattle ear tagger also known as an animal ear tag applicator, is a tool designed to apply RFID tags to the ears of a variety of livestock, such as cattle, sheep, and goats. It is an important tool for identification and recording in the livestock industry.

Livestock Ear Tag Remover

A livestock ear tag remover is a special tool designed to safely and effectively remove RFID ear tags from animals such as cattle, sheep, and goats. It is made of durable material and with strong enough to cut through thick plastic or metal ear tags.

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We can customize the frequency, size, and color of your requested RFID livestock ear tags.
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Fast delivery

Our commitment to the fast, cost-effective creation and delivery of RFID livestock ear tags ensures our clients quickly benefit from the advantages of our products and services.
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Free samples offering

We can provide free samples for your testing, which is an indicator of confidence in the quality of our product and service.
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How To Remove Livestock Ear Tags?

Proper handling and removal techniques are essential to minimize stress and potential harm to the animal. It will be different because of the type of ear tags used. The following are the steps for removing the livestock ear tags from the animal's ear.

Step 1: Choose the right tools

Choose a suitable livestock ear tag remover tool that is designed to remove the tags without harming the animals.

Step 2: Securely restrain the animal

Securely restrain the animal to prevent movement while removing the ear tags.

Step 3: Keep the animal clam

We need to speak softly and move the ear tag slowly to avoid startling animals. keep animals calm.

Step 4: Proper tool placement

Place the plier around the narrowest part of the tag's stem(closest to the ear). Be careful with animal's ears.

Step 5: Cut the tag quickly

We need to cut the animal's ear tag firmly and quickly to make sure the ear is not pulling or tearing.

Step 6: Check for ear injuries

After removing the ear tag, we need to check the ears for any signs of injury or infection.

FAQs About Livestock Ear Tags

A livestock ear tag is a small tag with a chip inside used for livestock tracking and identification management.

We can customize the livestock ear tags by frequencies, colors, and size for your requirements.

Using our livestock ear tags can help you recode the livestock's breeding, health control, and identification.

We support low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high-frequency ear tags for your livestock management.

We need to use a special tool called removal to cut the ear tag safely from the livestock's ear.

Yes, we can support free samples for your testing.

We support 500pcs as MOQ for livestock ear tags.

It usually takes 7-10 days for delivery for a thousand pcs.