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Goat Ear Tags

Welcome to our comprehensive selection of Goat Ear Tags- an innovation in animal identification. As a leading animal ear tag manufacturer, we offer the best goat ear tags for sale. We provide solutions for goat farmers seeking precision, durability, and ease of management.

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To meet our customers’ specific needs, we offer custom ear tags for animals. Here are the options that can be customized.

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Goat Ear Tags Features

The features of goat ear tags can vary based on the specific type and purpose of the tag. Here are some common features:

Robust Construction

Our ear tags for goats use high-quality and weather-resistant materials. This ensures durability in various environmental conditions and long-lasting performance.

En-friendly Materials

The best goat ear tags are made from eco-friendly materials. Non-toxic, waterproof, no odor, no skin irritation.

Customization Options

Tailor your goat identification system with our custom goat ear tags. Choose from colors and opt for RFID technology to accurately track individual goats.

Tracing and Recording

Our ear tags for goats provide important traceability. This aids in health management, breeding programs, and colony tracking. It also promotes comprehensive record-keeping and early detection of health problems.

High Visibility Design

Our RFID ear tags for sheep enhance visibility, facilitating easy identification from a distance. Clear and wear-resistant markings ensure swift and accurate visual recognition.

Multifunctional Applications

Our custom ear tags for goats are suitable for all goat breeds. This can provide a versatile solution for farmers with different needs. Our goat ear tags for sale adapt to diverse goat farming practices.

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Choose the best ear tags for goats

Ear tags are critical to managing goat herds as they identify individual goats for breeding, health management, and record keeping. Choosing the best ear tags for goats requires considering various factors to ensure that the ear tag is durable, readable, and comfortable for the animal.

1. Materials used for goats ear tags

Plastic ear tags are durable and come in a variety of colors. They are lightweight and do not harm or discomfort to the goats.

2. Ear tag size and readability

The tag size should be suitable for goat's ears, and large enough to ensure visibility and readability, but not so large that it causes discomfort.

3. Ear tag color and visibility

We should choose brightly colored goat ear tags for easier to identify and read from a distance, simplifying herd management.

4. Customization and identification

Using customization numbers and letters is easy for identification and record keeping.

5. Design for animal comfort

Ear tags should be designed to minimize discomfort and risk of injury. It should have smooth edges and not impede the goat's natural movement.

6. Tools and ease of application

The compatibility application tools are important for moving the ear tag from the goat.

Services we can provide

Personalized to Meet Your Needs

At JIA Tech, a leading goat ear tag manufacturer, we offer custom solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements by customizing tag sizes, RFID antennas, and colors.

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Quick Response Team

Rely on our proven expertise and experience to provide the best service. We guarantee prompt responses to ensure you save valuable time and gain more business opportunities.

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Free Sample for Test

JIA Tech is a professional manufacturer of goat ear tags and provides free samples for your evaluation.

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FAQs About cattle ear tags

Yes, Ear tags are a useful tool for tracking each goat’s health records, vaccination history, and breeding information.

After cleaning the ear, we usually use the tagging applicator to insert the tag into the goat’s ear.

Use the RFID reader to read a goat's information from the ear tag such as the goat’s registration number, date of birth, or health information.

We will use a suitable ear tag removal tool or pliers to remove an ear tag from a goat.

We supply kinds of frequency for the goat ear tags. It includes low-frequency, high-frequency, and Ultra-high-frequency. Different frequencies support different read distances from 5 cm to 5 m.

Goat ear tags are used for identification, tracking health, and breeding records, and promote efficient herd management.

Yes, we support free samples for goat ear tags.

The MOQ for goat ear tags is 500 pcs.