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Animal Ear Tags

As one of the best animal ear tags suppliers, we offer various types of RFID animal ear tags. They provide advanced signage solutions for livestock and agriculture. Our products offer exceptional durability. They are well-designed to meet the marking needs of different animals.
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Get Your Custom Animal Ear Tag

To meet our customers’ specific needs, we offer custom ear tags for animals. Here are the options that can be customized.

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Features That Make Our animal ear tags Unique

Whether you are a cattle rancher, a goat farmer, or a shepherd, our solutions can meet your needs and elevate your farming experience.
The following are our FRID animal ear tags features.

Durability and reliability

Our ear tags for animals are made from high-quality materials to ensure stable performance in a variety of climate conditions. Whether it's extreme cold areas or high-temperature environments, our labels can withstand the test.

Comfortable design

We focus on the comfort and safety of our animals. The design of the tag takes into account the animal's living habits to ensure comfortable wearing and avoid discomfort to the animal.

Easy to identify

Our animal ear tagging is designed with clearly visible markings so farmers and livestock keepers can easily identify and manage animals. Labels often contain unique numbers or barcodes to ensure accurate identification.

Eco-friendly materials

We are committed to using eco-friendly materials materials to reduce our environmental impact. Our products comply with relevant environmental standards and regulations.

Anti-fouling ability

Our RFID animal ear tags are designed to be stain-resistant and less susceptible to mud, water, and other environmental factors. This ensures clear visibility of the label for easy use over time.

Diverse choices

We offer various styles and sizes of animal ear tags (including small animal ear tags) to meet the needs of different animals. From small animals to large livestock, we have the right label model.

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Why Choose Us

Free sample support

We support free samples with standard RFID animal tags for your testing.

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High-quality standard

Our RFID animal ear tags are made of high-quality material with durable and stable function.

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Fast delivery

We focus on providing custom service and quick response. Fast delivery for your requirement is our standard service.

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FAQs About animal ear tags

Yes, RFID technology can used for animal identification management. It provides low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high frequency to meet the needs of different clients, and also provides convenience for farm management.

An animal ear tag is a small device that is attached to the animal's ear for identification management such as a cattle ear tag, sheep ear tag, goat ear tag, cow ear tag, and pig ear tag.

We will make your custom animal ear tags by special design, choose the material, select the shape and colors, and encode them as per your requirements.

Cows have animal ear tags primarily for tracking and identification management. The cow ear tags can simplify farming management by tracking individual animals simply and effectively.

We support low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high-frequency for animal ear tags.

We use a removal tool called an ear tag applicator which is made of aluminum alloy, and metal paint, non-slip and wear-resistant to help you remove the ear tag safely from the animal's ear.

Yes, JIA Tech can support free samples for animal ear tags.

The MOQ for animal ear tags is 500pcs.