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JIA Tech, a high-tech supplier at the forefront of the industry, is specialized in RFID animal and livestock tracking and identification. Leveraging their extensive professional experience and advanced technology, they strive to produce precise and cost-effective RFID animal tracking products.
RFID livestock ear tag also called radio frequency identification ear tag, comes in different frequencies from 125KHz, 134.2KHz, and 860Mhz~960Mhz. As a leader among livestock RFID tags manufacturers, we provide various sizes of safe and harmless animal ear tags which are widely used in livestock tracking, livestock management, pets identification, animal Breeding, and food safety management, such as RFID cattle ear tags, RFID sheep ear tags, RFID pigeon foot rings, RFID pig ear tags.
Committed to customer service, JIA Tech keeps its clients informed about long-term product updates and market trends, ensuring they stay competitive in the evolving market.

Types of RFID Products We Supply

Livestock RFID Tags

Livestock ear tags are used for various types of domesticated animals for identification and management purposes, such as pigs and birds, etc.

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custom ear tags rfid for cattle

Animal RFID Ear Tags

Animal ear tags are used on animals for identification, tracking, and health management purposes. Such as cattle, sheep, goats, cows, calf, and deer.

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rfid cattle ear tags


With JIA TECH’s ear tag applicator and ear tag removal tool, the process of applying and removing ear tags becomes a breeze.

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rfid livestock tag reader

RFID Readers

An RFID reader scanner is a device used to store information from an RFID ear tag, which is used to track individual animals.

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Get Your Custom Animal Ear Tag

As a leading manufacturer of RFID animal ear tags, we specialize in providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. We offer a range of customization options including color, size, shape, material, and encoding, ensuring that the ear tags perfectly align with animal identification and branding requirements.
Whether you are a livestock farmer or an animal research institution, we are committed to delivering high-quality, durable, and reliable RFID animal ear tags tailored to your specific needs. Here are your custom selections:

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RFID Ear Tags Application

RFID ear tags are revolutionizing livestock management for various animals including cattle, cows, sheep, pigs, and goats. These high-tech devices utilize Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to store and transmit crucial data such as age, breed, medical records, and location. This enables real-time tracking and efficient management of individual animals. Each RFID ear tag is attached to the animal’s ear with a specialized applicator, offering an effective solution for maintaining comprehensive and easily accessible records in livestock farming. This advancement is particularly beneficial in managing large herds or flocks, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy in the livestock industry.

Why Choose Us as RFID Animal Ear Tags Supplier

What Our Other Customers Say About Us

JIA TECH’s RFID Animal Ear Tags have revolutionized our livestock tracking process. The quality, durability, and readability are outstanding. They have made managing our large herd so much easier. 

Julie RV

I am truly impressed with JIA TECH’s commitment to quality and their customer service. Their RFID Animal Ear Tags are reliable and I’ve experienced significant improvement in my farm management since using them.

Thomas T

I have tried several brands of RFID Animal Ear Tags, but none match the quality and reliability of JIA TECH’s. They withstand all weather conditions and make livestock identification a breeze!

Mark R

JIA TECH’s timely delivery and excellent after-sales service make them to be my first choice for rfid ear tags.The tags are very durable and they have significantly improved the efficiency of our farm operations.

Daniel B


Ear Tags FAQs

An ear tag is a small, typically plastic, tag affixed to the ear of livestock animals. It serves as an identifier that carries information about the animal. The information could be a simple ID number or more complex data in the case of RFID ear tags.

Yes, RFID animal ear tags are designed to ensure animal safety and comfort.They are typically lightweight, made of high quality TPU material, it is durable, soft, safe and harmless to livestock.

They are designed for durability and can last several years depending on environmental conditions.

Our company offers customizing ear tags as per the customer’s requirements. Customers can supply the information encoded on the tag to suit their specific needs, including unique identification numbers, animal details, or farm information.

Cows have tags on their ears as a means of identification and management. These tags contain essential information about each animal, which assists farmers and livestock managers in tracking health, productivity, and breeding patterns.

To ear tag a goat, secure the animal, select the tag placement avoiding veins, align the tag with an applicator, apply it securely, and monitor for infection post-procedure.

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