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An equally important aspect of animal identification is the safe removal of ear tags when needed. An ear tag applicator is a device that aids in the attachment of identification tags to the ears of animals. These devices have transformed the management of livestock by providing a simple, yet effective method of marking animals for identification. JIA TECH offers an excellent solution in this regard as well.

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Types of Ear Tag Applicator

Unique Features for Ear Tag Applicator


Crafted with robust materials, JIA TECH’s ear tag tagger promises a long service life, making it a cost-effective investment for your farm.

Ease of Use

Designed with user comfort in mind, JIA TECH applicator is easy to handle, reducing the physical strain that often accompanies the animal ear tagging process.


JIA TECH’s ear tag removal is designed to accommodate a wide range of tag sizes and styles. This adaptability makes it ideal for various livestock types.

how to use ear tag applicator

Installation Steps:

  1. Choose a suitable animal ear tag and applicator for the animal.
  2. Disinfect the animal ear tags and ear tag pliers and place the tag into the applicator.
  3. Restrain the animal safely to avoid injury.
  4. Clean the ears where the tag will be applied. This helps prevent infection.
  5. Hold the ear and applicator firmly. Make sure the pins of the tag are aligned to go through the clear part of the ear, avoiding any veins or ridges.
  6. Squeeze the applicator handle firmly and quickly. This will insert the tag’s pin into the ear and secure the two parts of the tag together.
  7. Once the tag is securely in place, gently release the animal.



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Ear Tag Applicator FAQs

An ear tag tagger is a tool used to attach ear tags to animals for identification.

JIA TECH’s ear tag tagger stands out for its durability, ease of use, affordability, and adaptability to various tag sizes and styles.

An ear tag tagger helps ensure accurate, safe, and painless application, facilitating efficient animal identification and management.

An ear tag removal tool is designed to safely detach ear tags from animals, avoiding harm or unnecessary discomfort.

JIA TECH’s ear tag removal tool is recommended for its efficient and safe design, ensuring smooth, painless removal of ear tags.