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Animal RFID Reader

We are a professional animal RFID reader manufacturer. We are committed to providing advanced RFID technology and innovative solutions for animal identification and tracking. The handheld FRID readers have broad uses in animal husbandry, laboratory animal management, pet identification, and other fields.

Features That Make Our animal RFID Readers Unique

RFID animal readers have a variety of functions to meet different application needs. Here are some common features of animal RFID readers.

Multi Frequency Ranges

Our handheld RFID readers support multiple frequency ranges (LF, HF, UHF) for different types of RFID tags in animal identification.

Long Read Range

A long read range is essential for identifying animals that may not be close to the reader, especially in large or open areas.

Multi Tag Reading

 Our RFID animal readers can also read multiple RFID tags simultaneously. This streamlines the identification process.

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth or USB. The handheld RFID reader supports multiple Bluetooth devices connected at the same time. RFID reader is integrated with wireless communication technology to achieve seamless data transmission and connection.

User-Friendly Interface

As an experienced RFID reader manufacturer, we fully consider the user experience. Portable RFID readers are equipped with high-brightness OLED displays, allowing users to work efficiently in different environments.


The RFID handheld reader integrates easily with existing animal management systems, minimizing disruption. It is convenient for users to adopt RFID-based identification.

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RFID animal reader applications

There are two types of RFID readers: RFID handheld ear tag reader and fixed RFID ear tag scanner. Each type has its unique features and applications. We can track and manage each animal by the RFID animal tag reader's data.

RFID cattle tag

Tracking and Identification

Animal RFID tag readers are primarily used to track and identify individual animals. For example, we can use the RFID cattle tag reader to get their unique information. It facilitates easy and accurate identification, vital for effective herd management.

health management

Health Management

Each ear tag stores the animal's health-related data, such as vaccination records, and health information. Farmers can use animal RFID tag readers to scan these tags and obtain the animal's health history for timely, appropriate medical intervention.

data collection and analysis

Data Collection and Analysis

RFID animal tag readers have stored valuable animal movement, behavior, and productivity data. For example, in cattle management, we can analyze those data with the help of cattle ear tag readers to improve the efficiency and productivity of the herd.

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Why Choose Us

R&D Professional Team

The strong R&D team reflects our company's commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and industry trends. This ensure our clients receive the most advanced and effective solutions.

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Outstanding After-Sales Service

Whether the cattle tag reader's installation or troubleshooting, our professional team is ready to provide timely and effective solutions to ensure your satisfaction.

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Quality Products with Competitive Prices

We are a professional RFID reader manufacturer. Our quality animal tag readers with competitive prices make us ideal for clients who are looking for reliable suppliers.

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how to use an RFID animal reader?

Animal RFID readers are commonly used for tracking and identifying animals, especially in applications like livestock management.
Here are general guidelines on how to use an RFID animal reader.

Step 1: Download the software

Download the RFID reader software and install it on your computer or laptop.

Step 2: Set up the RFID reader

Check the battery of the animal tag reader. We need to make sure that it has enough power to set up the software.

Step 3: Turn on the RFID reader

Wait for all initialization procedures to complete, which may include connection checks.

Step 4: Scan the RFID tag from Animal

Hold the RFID reader close to the animal's tag. Different readers support different read distances.

Step 5: Recording and transferring the data

We can store the animal's information on our management software after scanning the RFID tag.

Step 6: Turn off and store the animal tag reader

When we finished using the RFID reader, pls turn it off and store it in a safe, dry place for future use.

FAQs About animal RFID Readers

A cattle RFID tag reader is a device for reading the animal’s information from the animal’s ear tag.

We can support low-frequency readers, high-frequency readers, and ultra-high-frequency readers for your special requirements.

Different readers support different distances, from 10cm to 10 meters.

Yes, ultra-high frequency readers can read many tags at the same time.

Yes, our cattle RFID reader is designed to be compatible with common farm management software.

We support a year quality guarantee for our cattle RFID tag reader.