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JIA TECH’s RFID reader offers a range of features designed to enhance farm management. It boasts a long reading range, high-frequency operation, and durable construction suitable for harsh farm conditions. Moreover, it’s user-friendly and can integrate seamlessly with your existing farm management systems.

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lecteur d'étiquettes RFID pour bétail

Types of RFID Reader

Benefits for RFID Reader

Capability to Read Multiple Tags

RFID readers have the capability to read multiple animal ear tags simultaneously. This feature allows for efficient handling and management of large numbers of animals, saving time and reducing labor costs.

Customizable Reading Distance

RFID readers offer a customizable reading distance based on customer needs. JIA TECH supplies Low Frequency, High Frequency, and Ultra High-frequency RFID readers depending on the customer’s requirements.


Different Types:

RFID readers are available in various formats including desktop and handheld versions. This versatility allows for increased flexibility and efficiency in operations, whether you need a fixed station or mobile solution.

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RFID Ear Tag Reader FAQs

An RFID ear tag reader is a device used to read the information stored in the RFID tags attached to the ears of livestock.

A cattle ear tag reader works by using radio frequency technology to read the data stored in the tags attached to the cattle’s ears.

Customizable reading distance allows the RFID reader to adapt to different needs and environments, enhancing its efficiency and versatility.

JIA TECH offers Low Frequency, High Frequency, and Ultra High-frequency RFID readers.